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1. Clayton Kershaw
2. Justin Turner
3. Kenley Jansen
4. Chris Taylor

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres

1. Clayton Kershaw: The highest paid player in baseball, Kershaw is not only the best Dodger but possibly the best pitcher of all-time for any team. He’s won the NL Cy Young Award three times, the NL MVP, is a seven-time NL All-Star and is still in his prime.


2. Justin Turner: Turner’s ascension to the top of the Dodgers lineup was quick and loud as he finished second in NL batting average in 2017 and was named co-MVP of the NLCS with Chris Taylor during the remarkable run to the World Series. Although 2017 was his first year being named an all-star, many more accolades are sure to come for “Red.”


3. Kenley Jansen: Undeniably the best shutdown closer in the majors, Jansen has been a consistent piece of the Dodgers success during their run of five straight NL West titles. He led the NL in saves in 2017 and is a two-time all-star.


4. Chris Taylor: Although this may seem like a reach, it was Taylor’s versatility that allowed the Dodgers to advance to the World Series without their star shortstop Kyle Seager. Filling in for Seager at shortstop in two of the 2017 NLCS games, Taylor went on to earn co-MVP honors with Justin Turner. After starting the season in AAA, Taylor quickly established himself as the Dodgers leadoff hitter and led off the 2017 World Series with a home run on the first pitch.

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